About Alta Textiles



Thanks for visiting Alta Textiles! I strive to elevate everyday accessories into pieces that are special, add to the individuality of your space and get noticed. I design and hand-make every product at Alta Textiles. Handmade to me means there's part of the maker in each piece, and by extension the uniqueness, love and special talent shine through. I know that's true here.


I do this because I believe handmade should be special and have a story to tell. It should combat the sameness all around us. Most of my work is limited edition, one-of-a-kind or custom.

The materials I use are extremely high end. I require that they feel wonderful, are perfect for their purpose (whether it's looking pretty on a sofa or taking a beating outside in rainstorm), and be eye-catching and super-stylish.

You’ll find pieces here you can't get anywhere else, are constructed with expert work-womanship, and that above all are functional, practical art. I often do custom work, so if you choose to work with me directly on a special project we'll have a lot fun together--and you will get a beautiful piece. 

About Me

I'm Nancy Kingsland and I live in Chicago, IL, although Cleveland, OH will always be my true home. I left a long, successful corporate career to challenge myself in new ways and to feed a long-latent creative streak. Time flies, and you have to use it more wisely than I was using it. I’ve made many new friends, learned countless new things, and have never worked harder! I’m passionate about making this dream succeed.