Peeper Keeper Eyeglass Holder - Yellows & Oranges

Peeper Keeper Eyeglass Holder - Yellows & Oranges

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Where'd I put my glasses? Peeper Keepers keep them corralled where they're supposed to be--on your desk, in the kitchen, by your reading chair, or in my case by your sewing machine. For eyeglasses, sunglasses and readers. It helps protect your glasses from scratches that happen when they're just tossed anywhere. The weighted bottom keeps your Peeper Keeper standing up, allowing easy access to just grab them when you need them. A clever thing for a simple task, done stylishly!

There's only one of each, and they're all different. I use leftover fabric from other products for sustainability's sake, so they're all from super-premium materials. You'll not only have a really useful accessory, no one else will have one just like it! 

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